Coffee Without Beans

When it comes to meat, if you take the animal out of the picture, then it becomes fake meat, right? If you take out the dairy from milk, then you’ve also got some form of fake milk, right? Have you ever thought about what happens when you take the beans out of coffee though?

Atomo, a Seattle based startup has recently come out with a molecular coffee that claims to make an even better cup of java, without harvesting even one coffee bean.  Atomo is promoting it as a way to enjoy coffee without sugar or cream, since their product allegedly comes right from the ground, and offers all the incredible flavors that a great cup of coffee should.

The company has managed to create a product made completely from sustainable ingredients, and claim that it’s the smoothest coffee man has ever known. And it’s not a powder to be mixed with water. They decided to keep the traditional way of making coffee and have it in grounds form.

The grounds are reported to be made from upcycled plant based materials, however they have yet to disclose a list of their actual ingredients.

With coffee growers feeling the effects of climate change more and more, and wild coffee species under the threat of going extinct, the more and more reason we have to reduce our dependency on coffee growing.  On top of this, there is also all of the many labor issues when it comes to the coffee industry, with many large companies admitting that there is a risk of slave labor.

Is this the future of coffee?

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