Clothing Brands Making Moves

The volatile world of fashion is turbulent, wuthering, and dazzling. What seems almost timeless at one moment turns out to be worthless in the next, and this circulation of trends going at lightning speed is sure to make anyone but the world’s most devoted fashionistas feel a little bit disoriented. But there’s no need to be overwhelmed since we at The Imperfective gathered a few of the most celebrated brands of 2021. Buckle up your Gucci safety belts, and get ready to plunge into the world of cutting-edge fashion.


Joe Freshgoods


Joe freshgoods in a pop up shop event

Gettyimages / Brian Ach / Getty Images Entertainment


Joe Freshgoods has acted as a pillar of Chicago’s streetwear community for quite some time now, and lately, it seems as though his hard work and efforts have been paying off, garnering recognition on a much wider scale.  Joe’s trademark colorful sportswear is woven with clever, concise storytelling, and lively, youthful designs.




Woman in pink dress holding dior bag

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Thanks to online stores and technological advancements in the realm of production, more and more people have been given access to the previously exclusive world of designer clothes. Yet on the other hand, what keeps these clothes so desirable is their singular character; brands like Dior design a new product only to limit its production to a very small amount, giving each piece of clothing a unique, exclusive vibe. Dior has been hard at work collaborating with the world’s most renowned designers to create clothes that only a handful of people will get the chance to wear. In our minds, that’s wild.




Close up of Levi's Jeans pile

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Ok, so you may be asking yourself: Really, Levi’s? To that, we say, yes. Really. With more than 100 years of experience under their belt, Levi’s strategic plan of action has been to collaborate with some of the most notable voices of new-wave fashion such as the renowned Don C. They’ve also worked with some of the most fashion-savvy celebrities in the Rap game, such as Kanye West and Tyler the Creator.


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