Close Call At The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most well known natural landmarks in all of the United States. Bringing in thousands of visitors a year, the national park is one of a kind and quite spectacular. As people come from near and far, they try their very hardest to get the most picture-perfect photo to share with their friends, family and of course, Instagram followers.

Just a few weeks ago, a woman from Texas was visiting the Grand Canyon with her daughter. While she was there, she wanted to snap a photograph. As she slowly crept toward the ledge, she knew it was a terrible idea but still proceeded to go the ultimate extreme.

As she slowly backed up, she realized that her life just flashed before her eyes. Bystanders at the park witnessed this entire incident occur getting it all on video recording. Thankfully, both she and the daughter are safe and well but are experiencing the aftermath of almost falling off the ledge of the Grand Canyon.

This, in turn, proves that one should be extra careful when visiting the national park since there are no railings or anything stopping a visitor from falling down into the great mass of rock.

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