Climate Change & Babies

In a recent Instagram video, it was said that due to the effects of climate change, many youngsters are now stopping to think whether or not it’s really worthwhile to have kids, believe it or not.

According to research, the video wasn’t too far off as well.  The research showed that a shocking thirty nine percent of people between the ages of eighteen to twenty nine years old actually expressed that the effects of climate change would play a role in deciding whether or not they would have kids.  What does this mean for our future?

Even the potential of a dark future is already starting to shape the next generation. The younger the people were, the more they felt as though having children was not the right thing to do. The older the respondents were, the percentages of those that agreed went down accordingly.

Based on this study alone, it has not yet been made clear whether or not climate change is actually affecting the future of populations, but it does show that for some, it will play a significant role.  If this becomes a trend, then our birthrate could drop way down, and in turn cause a whole lot more problems than merely climate change.

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