Classic Christmas Songs

With Christmas just around the corner, there are certain things you can expect to start seeing and hearing. This includes Christmas decorations, Christmas-themed sweaters, and definitely Christmas music. Wait, how could we possibly forget about the great Christmas movies? Now you don’t have to be crazy about Christmas to know more than you need with these things. This is simply because they are constantly all around you. With that said, there are a few Christmas songs that shoot to the top of all music charts each year. These songs are considered to be all-time favorites. If you don’t know what we are talking about then continue reading this article.

Getty images/Tetra images/Jamie Grill

Creating a Christmas album has almost become a norm amongst musicians. So much so that there is one particular singer who has made a great name for herself. We are talking about none other than Mariah Carey. More specifically we are talking about her hit song All I Want for Christmas. It is no surprise that this song shoots to the top of everyone’s playlist every December because well it is a classic. But wait there’s more. Mariah can look forward to making up to six figures in royalties every December. Next, we have a Christmas song by a male singer.

Originally known for creating incredibly good pop and RnB songs, Justin Bieber is also known for his popular Christmas song. A few years ago the singer released a Christmas album and it was a smash hit. Now even though the album was a hit there is one song that still stands out. This would be his song Mistletoe. Mistletoe has become so popular around Christmas time that it has even been used in a number of different movies. With that said, there are many more Christmas songs that you can look forward to listening to during the holiday season.

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