City-Goers Avoid Crowded Transportation

As all city-goers know, getting on a train or bus in the morning when it is jam packed is easily the worst way to start off your day.

These commutes to work can sometimes be the biggest hassle of living in a city filled with tons of people. Not being able to sit down comfortably and semi enjoy your 30 min haul to the office is exactly why some people decide city life is not for them.

Thanks to Google and there advanced technology, avoiding overcrowded public transportation is now possible. Google Maps has just released a feature that gives users the ability to check how crowded there transportation of choice may be.

Instead of getting on the first bus that has no seats available, you can now see if the second bus coming to your stop has a seat available.

This feature is known as crowd sourcing. Allowing commuters and city-goers to avoid heavy crowds and traffic that they just can’t stand being around. This new feature is also a way to control safety measures.

Google launched this feature in the United Kingdom. First in the city of London where traffic and tourist swarm the streets on a daily basis. Google also decided to provide the city with a detailed list of where they believe the busiest stops are located.

We soon hope that Google expands this feature across the United States and other countries. Providing a multitude of communities with an easier and more enjoyable way of transportation.

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