Citizens Hold Mayor Captive

A Mexican major did not fulfill what he had promised in his campaign. As a result, he was detained in the town hall, with citizens of the town demanding he pay a high ransom fee.

Alfonso Hernández Montiel, who is the mayor of the Mexican town of Chichiquila had a mere five months remaining in his position to fulfill what he had promised during his campaign.  Locals were highly dissatisfied with the situation, and were not willing to sit around and wait for him to finish his term.

A large number residents from the town came together and protested in front of the city halls. They demanded that he come through with everything he promised while running for mayor.

Things escalated very quickly, and protesters overwhelmed the police offers and managed to lock the mayor, together with his staff inside of the town hall.  The locals demanded a random of 10 million pesos for his release, with the goal of putting the money towards the projects that he initially committed to.

According to sources, after hours upon hours of negotiating, the mayor agreed to pay 3 million pesos and promised to pay the rest in the days to follow. The locals agreed allow they did not trust him.

It was then reported that the General Secretariat of Government denied any payment for the release of the mayor.  The statement also added that the locals had to hold the mayor responsible for the promises he made.

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