Cities With Some of the Best Street Art

Coming across graffiti in our day-to-day life is pretty common. We see it on the metro, on big billboards, and even on trains. However, how often do you actually stop to take a moment and appreciate it? You can learn a lot about a city’s culture and history based on its graffiti. Just like other forms of art, graffiti is commonly used as a way to express oneself and sometimes as a way to convey political messages that aim to subvert the status quo. Due to the art’s cultural significance, graffiti tours are gaining popularity. Almost every city you go to offers a tour of a city or neighborhood’s intricate underground scene. Grab your spray paint, as we show you cities with the most interesting street art.

Stockholm, Sweden


The walls of the Stockholm metro stations are covered with graffiti, from the ceiling to the floor. 90 out of the 100 stations are decorated with street art, to be exact; earning it the unofficial title of “the world’s largest art gallery”. With its vivid colors and beautiful mosaics, it definitely feels like you are anywhere but a metro station.