Cinderella’s Castle Under Renovation

The ever so famous Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World, Orlando, Florida is getting a complete makeover. One so extreme that park-goers will be blown away when they see the upgraded castle. The reason the castle is getting a renovation is due to the 70th anniversary of Cinderella.

These facts are known due to the Vice President of the Magic Kingdom announcement. Also, Disney Parks provided guests with a mock-up of what the castle will look like once the renovations are completed.

The changes will begin at the beginning of the summertime and it has not yet been finalized when people attending the park will be able to see the new and improved Cinderella’s Castle. Once this date is revealed, plan on the park becoming extremely crowded the week of opening. As fans from all over will fly from near and far to see the newest improvement.

Due to the many functions and sections of the castle, it will not be closed since park-goers are there for the full magic effect of the greatest Disney World to date. The castle features a hair salon, makeup salon, and restaurant, which are all popular destinations of the park.

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