China’s Smart Eye

China has a new target in it’s surveillance operation: high school students who get distracted.  In March, a Chinese high school set up a smart eye, smart classroom behavior management system in one of it’s classrooms.
The smart eyes uses facial recognition technology in order to monitor students. By the upcoming summer, the goal is to install the system in every single classroom.
Every thirty seconds, three different cameras will scan the faces of each student in order to determine what their facial expression is, whether it be neutral, happy, angry, afraid, surprised or sad.
In addition, the cameras also record the actions of each student during the class time, taking noting of if they reading, writing, listening, raising their hands or leaning on their desks.  The smart eye notifies the teacher right away if a student seems to be distracted, and is also given a report at the end of class with an average of every student’s facial expressions.
Not only is this beneficial for exam supervision, but also to see where students can improve.  According to the head of the high school that has already put this technology in place, they are aiming to help teachers improve based on the reactions of their students. Sounds great.
If only that was the whole story though. Students are also in fact graded on how well they are paying attention in class.

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