China Aims to Create The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

China, in recent years has been showing an increasing interest in the development of artificial intelligence. It is becoming the new essence of their semiconductor industry. MIT Technology has released a report explaining how China is fully invested in becoming one of the global leaders in the development of artificial intelligence.  Chinese chipmakers are presented a new chance to reclaim their territory in the flourishing hardware development industry.

China, at the moment has taken part in something that can be referred to as an artificial intelligence arms race between Russia and the United States.  Google has given China recognition for their significant contributions to the improvement of artificial intelligence.  Google’s chief scientist of artificial intelligence has written in one of his blog posts that Chinese authors have contributed an entire 43 percent of all findings in the 100 top artificial journals of 2015.

Chinese innovators ever since 2015 has been pushed to become more reliant on technology that was homegrown through their own government, as a part of of a 2025 initiative to encourage more products made in China.  Fabrication and chip design are ranked as among the most wanted areas to expand in.

In addition, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published a new action plan over the course of three years to highly develop artificial intelligence.  The government has it in their best interests to mass produce processing chips that provide neural-network functions by the year 2020.

The semiconductor community will without a doubt be going against serious international competition.  Several artificial intelligence focused companies are also hoping to build hardware of their own.Fengxiang Ma, the Director of ASIC design at Horizon Robotics, a company that created artificial intelligence for vehicles and cameras, shares in the MIT report, that companies in the future who make only chips may very well lessen and lessen in number.

Developers of the industry understand that the creation of custom-made chips makes for a most cost-efficient process. And not only does this method save money, but also performs better. Tesla is one example of this. They are a company that has been attempting to develop their own chip. The chip has the intention the improve horizontal integration from products to customers.

The artificial intelligence development will likely continue to grow and keep a healthy amount of

competition existing between companies across the globe who are opting to build chips that will power the future of artificial intelligence devices.