Chicken Noodle Blue Soup

A Tokyo restaurant has become extremely popular recently due to it’s bright blue ramen soup that has gone viral on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Come to think of it, blue soup does not sound all that tasty, but for some reason people don’t stop coming to visit the Kipposhi restaurant specifically for their Chicken Soup Blue. Anything for the gram, right?

The blue soup went viral very quickly after the owner posted a picture on Instagram, moving the fairly new restaurant up on the list of must see attractions in Tokyo.

According to Matcha Magazine, the famous blue soup was actually inspired by the Hawaiian sea.  Recreating this perfect blue ocean into a bowl of soup is no simple task however.

The owner, Mr. Kozuimi takes a rich chicken broth for the base of his soup and uses a traditional technique to ensure a clear soup. This technique is known as Chintan, which boils the broth with minced meat. The particles are absorbed and the soup becomes perfectly clear, just like the Hawaiian ocean.

But how he gets the soup to be blue remains an undisclosed secret. He claims to not use any additives or food colorings, and is made only with all-natural ingredients. The successful restaurant plans on keeping this a secret and making sure that their success continues to grow.

There has been some speculation that the blue soup gets it’s particular color from Pycocyanin, which is a natural pigment from spirulina algae. It is commonly used in Japan to color beverages and ice cream.

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