Cheese Grater Tattoo Removal

Sometimes, we regret decisions in life, including the tattoos we permanently ink onto our bodies. Generally however, this happens a few years down the line after our feelings and priorities change. But in some cases, in just a mere week we also may have doubts about what we’ve done…. 

A 21 year old man in Argentina who requested to remain unidentified became so desperate to remove his tattoo a week after getting it done, to the point where he actually resorted to using a cheese grater to scratch it off. This of course also meant removing some of his skin while at it. 

Although the painful and unheard of tattoo removal with a cheese grater took place two years ago, the video only recently went viral after his friends decided to share the mayhem with the rest of the world.  

The unnamed man explained in the video that after deciding to join the airport police, he realized that he couldn’t have any visible tattoos. He also admitted to no longer liking the way that the tattoo looked. 

The man searched for a variety of ways to remove the tattoo himself on YouTube, and the only method that ended up working was the cheese grater, which unsurprisingly was nothing short of painful. We will spare you the rest of the gory details. 

Just like his tattoo, he also regretted the removal method he used, and would not recommend it to anyone ever.  When it comes to tattoo removal, stick to what we know. 

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