Check or Stripes – What Looks Better?

The fashion industry continues to give us so many good outfit choices. But just because you have so many options doesn’t mean that you like everything. For example, checks and stripes are two really popular textiles in fashion. However, they don’t always look good on everyone. This brings us to why you are here. In this article, we want to help you figure out which looks better on you, stripe or checks. Now do keep in mind that fashion is all about experimenting with different looks so don’t be down if one thing doesn’t look good, something else might look even better.

If you have Googled the words checks or stripes, then you may have come across the Urban Dictionary definition of it. Now we aren’t talking about whether or not you wear Nike or Adidas. Instead, we are talking about stripes and checks on clothing. Now regardless of your tastes, you should know that all patterns flatter certain body types. They also benefit you in different ways. You see, stripes make you appear slimmer and checks add new dimensions to your body. With that said they are both great to wear. How they look on you ultimately depends on how you wish to style them.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Morsa Images

When styling check printed things it is always best to let them be the main character of your look. You see check can be a very busy pattern and you wouldn’t want to look cluttered by pairing it with more graphics. Now stripes can be found almost anywhere and on almost everything. When styling strips, you should first see what looks best for you. It could be horizontal stripes or vertical stripes. Once you have your answer, you will be able to build a look around it.