Central America’s Deaf Cafe
Located in the heart of Nicaragua, there’s a very happy man named Antonio Piero.  He’s a Spanish born philanthropist who has made it his mission to prove that a smile can change lives.
He aims to spread smiles like a contagious virus. The kind of smiles that are so warm and friendly that they spread like fire.  A smile is a universal language that everyone can understand and breaks barriers.

The smile is slowly starting to catch on. With an approximate 45% of the population living below the poverty line, it makes it the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It’s also got unbelievably high unemployment rates and basically no job market for those with disabilities.

Antonio found the perfect solution, which was opening a cafe where all the workers are deaf. It is also a way to show the public what their world is like. The cafe is located in a leafy garden or a large and beautiful colonial building.

It’s name is Cafe of Smiles, and is the very first of it’s kind in the Americas, and the fourth in the world. The menu’s special item is inclusion, made with a local language.

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