Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Depending on where one is at in the point of their lives they can either spend their day sitting at their office job desk typing away on the computer or for some, they are still in school getting an education. As different as these two lifestyles can be, they have a great similarity.

At the end of the day, both of these people are sitting at a computer all day long. Now, whether they are at a desk or sitting in bed is unknown but either way, they are typing away.

As these acts are done for the purpose of school or work, we tend to not think of the health effects they can have on us. So, how could sitting at a computer negatively affect us? Well, as we sit typing away, we are most likely not focusing on our posture or form. With that being said, we can start to develop pain in our wrists, numbness in our hands or even tingling in our fingers.

Now, this could be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is when your nerve in your wrist is being compressed. In order to prevent this from occurring it is best to “adjust your body positioning and the time spent in aggravating positions,” according to Men’sHealth.

It is not always the case that people get carpal tunnel but it is great to be aware of the health effects of sitting and typing away at a computer all day long.

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