Cardboard Boxes To Prevent Cheating

Unfortunately, the reality is that in many schools, students cheat on tests to avoid doing poorly. Despite the teacher’s best efforts, sometimes, students are just too tricky to be caught, and they end up getting away with cheating. In turn, this means that they didn’t really learn the material, which could be vital for their future.

So what can we do?

Well, in India, a private college has come up with a rather unique method. They’ve actually started to require their students to wear a cardboard box on their heads during tests. After some pictures went viral, things became rather controversial, with some people complaining that it was ‘inhumane treatment’.  But another version of the story went around that they only resorted to such a method after students were caught cheating endlessly. 

The minister of Education of the state has demanded from the school to provide an explanation if this is seen again, and that the school runs the risk of losing their license if it’s repeated. Officials of the university have not denied the allegations, however have explained that they students agreed to wearing them, with some even bringing their own boxes. 

The school principal has expressed that everyone was comfortable with trying this new method out, and that they are open to all feedback on it to learn what will be best for the future of student examinations.

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