Can You Sue Your Parents For A Lack Of Love?

A homeless from Brooklyn, New York is actually suing his parents for a lack of love and support and is requesting $200,00 in compensation, no joke.

Bernard Bey is a 32 year old aspiring rapper who is homeless. He has decided to blame his parents for his situation and claims to have ran away from home because of both verbal and physical abuse from his family.  Since then he has been in and out of shelters for the past 12 years.

He’s also spent time in jail, and also believes that this is his parents doing, which is why he filed a lawsuit against them, accusing them of causing him to feel beaten by the world and unloved.  Bey has requested a total of $200,000 and is demanding that his parents mortgage their home to pay him and help him open two pizza shop franchises.

He expresses that they do not have a normal family bond and that even when he went to visit his family they made him wait 45 minutes just to enter. He believes that starting a family pizza business is the answer to solving their problems, claiming that the money he is suing for would ultimately go to the good of his entire family.

According to Bernard’s mother, the situation is nothing like he makes it out to be, she explains that the family themselves is also living in public housing and is in no position whatsoever to give him such a sum of money. The Brooklyn building he has demanded them to mortgage is only partially owned by the family, and that Bernard has never once worked.

Bernard says that if his family agrees to work together then he will drop the suit. Other family members claim that he has psychological issues.

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