Can An Animal Sue His Owner?

A woman in Oregon is reported to have left her horse outside in the cold winter without proper shelter and care.  This lack of adequate care caused her horse pain and suffering, and in turn is being sued by the animal for over $100, 000 in damages.

What? A horse taking a human to court? Not something we hear every day. But in Oregon, such a thing has been possible since 2014, after the state ruled that animals deserve legal rights to protections and can also be victims of crime.  Just like any human, the horse also has a team of lawyers fighting for his case.

The Animal Legal Defense has reported that the horse has gone through a great deal of suffering due to his former owner’s neglect, and that he deserves significant compensation that should go towards his medical treatments and future care.

It was only once a concerned neighbor took care and suggested that the horse see a veterinarian.  The vet concluded that the horse’s penis prolapsed due to severe frostbite, as well as emaciated by approximately 300 pounds below the average weight for a horse.

More examinations revealed that he horse also had rain rot and lice. The former owner pleaded guilty to the animal neglect and agreed to cover the expenses, however did not pay up by the deadline.  She only recently learned about the horse’s legal action taken against her, asking for $100,000 in damages.

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