Buying Shopping Disorder

As the holiday time is approaching, consumers have done everything in their power to take over these stores and pretty much buy them all out. Normally, this would not be considered a worry in someone else’s eyes but when people take their shopping addictions to the extreme it gains the attention of many mental health professionals.

The concern of overshopping and overspending has led many to believe that these purchases are not just for the holidays or to put under the Christmas tree. Reality is, these people who have decided to spend, spend and spend, could actually be classified as having a compulsive disorder.

Interestingly enough, this diagnosis is known as a buying-shopping disorder (BSD). It is when people overshop to the point of no return. This obsessive and compulsive shopping disorder has not been classified as a legitimate mental illness but many therapists believe it to be a real issue upon today’s society.

According to the Huffington Post, many professionals have been pushing for more research on this topic since there is a lack of understanding behind the diagnoses. Currently, buying-shopping disorder is listed as an impulse control disorder, not as its own separate mental health disorder.

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