Bus Rides to Nowhere: A New Concept in Hong Kong

Although some people hate long bus rides, there are others who doze off in seconds and wake up at their destination well slept and refreshed. The motion of the ride can put people right to sleep and can be particularly helpful for people with insomnia, who can always appreciate a solid nap. Ulu Travel is a Hong Kong tour bus company that has recently opened a 5-hour ride with nothing but views and time to sleep, for the passengers who just need some rest.

This double-decker bus offers two floors. The bottom floor is for those who don’t plan to sleep and prefer to take advantage of the sightseeing during Hong Kong’s strict quarantine rules pertaining to leaving and entering the city. The 47-mile long bus route stays within the city and drives towards the direction of the city airport. The ride offers great views for people who have been waiting to travel and don’t take enough advantage of all of what there is to see in their own city. Meanwhile, the top floor is the designated quiet section for passengers that are looking to knock out and just need a little peace.

Getty Images / Moment / William C. Y. Chu

The bus company advises those who plan on socializing and enjoying this “bus ride to nowhere” with the other passengers on board to buy tickets for the bottom floor, putting a clear emphasis on one of the key purposes of the trip, which is to help people sleep. It has been reported that ​​the president of Ulu Travel and the man behind this concept, Frankie Chow, even said that the route was designed to avoid traffic lights as much as possible so that the sleepers don’t wake up from any sudden stops. While Hong Kong continues its stern approach to keeping Corona out of its city, this bus ride is great for people who need a mini-vacation to catch up on some overdue beauty sleep or unload some pandemic frustration.

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