Burger King Removes Preservatives

As health concerns rise in the United States it is vital that restaurants including fast-food chains take a stance and change the way their food is produced. One of the most popular of the many chains is Burger King.

This fast-food empire is one that is willing and is going to take all preservatives out of their food. In order to prove to consumers that the food production system will be changing, Burger King just released an advertising campaign that highlights the changes that are about to be made on their very own, Whooper Burger.

The advertisement is a timelapse of the Whopper Burger for about a month-long period. Due to the lack of preservatives in the new and improved burger, it will decompose way quicker than usual.

What most customers don’t realize is that most burgers at fast-food restaurants consist of many preservatives on top of it not being organic or healthy. Now, with no chemicals left, these burgers will remain fresh for the proper time being.

Burger King did take a risk by providing the world with a graphic video of the decomposing burger but in turn, it has a purpose, which is to provide customers with the healthiest option, no matter what the circumstances may be.