Bugs To Prevent Cancer

Believe it or not, a Californian woman actually eats nearly five bugs each and every single day.  In general, she eats live Chinese weevils as a cancer prevention method. She also believes that it helps to improve her immune system.

Marcela Iglesias truly believes that her unique method is the best possible way to prevent herself from being diagnosed with cancer. Iglesias only eats them live, as she is convinced that they release a special toxin, coleotoxin when they die, and that the ideal situation is that this occurs only once they enter her digestive system.

According to a 2011 study, coleotoxin can actually reduce the growth of tumor cells as much as 70 percent. Although these findings have been contested by many other scientific groups, Iglesias still continues to eat her five bugs, day by day.  She has even said that if they don’t end up helping her prevent cancer, at least they provide her with a source of protein.

She breeds them in her very own home, and reports that they require very little maintenance, as they live in a container and all she has to do is provide them with lettuce and bread here and there. These bugs are also known to breed in massive quantities, so she never has to worry about running out.

Marcela, although criticised by many for her strange habit, expresses that she does not find it gross at all, and that eating meat is a whole lot worse.

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