Bringing Your Kid To A Party

There’s truly no better way to ruin a party by bringing a bunch of toddlers to an adult cocktail party.  Especially when the vodka punch is about to come out.

But it’s that time of year again. Everyone and their cousin is throwing a party of some kind, and people that weren’t parents last year, somehow have become this time around.

For some parents, they find it very unclear whether it’s socially acceptable whether or not to bring their children.  Should kids be allowed to such events?

And who is considered the bad guy really? Is it the parent who bring their child to the party, the person that throws the kids out of the party, or is just the children themselves?

Well, there each person plays a role, and should where they are in the wrong, and in the right.  For starters, parents should never bring their children to a party unless they have been very clearly and directly invited.

When in doubt, make sure. If children are welcome at the party, then it will be made clear.  In fact, if they are planning on having children at the party, then the more the merrier. Often times parents even want kids to come in order to play with their kids, so that they can enjoy themselves with their adult friends.

Other than that though, no way.  Although not everyone is the biggest fan of children, its not the actual reason why kids are often excluded from such events.  It’s because children are often buzzkills for a great party and who can burn themselves on fire if left alone for a mere second, and most insurance policies don’t cover that unfortunately.

From the hosts side, they should always be as explicit as possible when giving your invites whether or not the door is open to children as well.  Parents are able to read messages.  Don’t be afraid to say no when you mean no children.  Make the message clear, it takes both of you to make a great party happen.

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