Bringing Rain To The Parade

While in most cases when someone brings rain to the parade, it has a negative connotation – meaning that they are ruining all the fun. But when it comes to a farm, they couldn’t want rain any more.

And that’s exactly why one Australian inventor, David Miles has been providing farmers with rain on demand. Wait though. Is this possible?

We’re not too sure, and that’s also why Miles has been accused of taking advantage of Australian farmers, charging them as much as $50,000 for the rain he creates, without providing too much explanation as to how his technology works. 

On his website, he explains that back in the ‘90s he understood that the weather could be incrementally influenced by using a certain variety of the Einstein theory, together with a few other complicated explanations that could have many us convinced, making endless references to famous concepts.

But if you pay close attention, there is nothing that actually says how he makes it rain. Miles has also claimed that his theory has been kept a secret so that others won’t steal his unique ideas.   He has also refused to patent his method because that would always involve sharing his mystery. 


Miles has been accused of taking advantage of desperate farmers, although he does only get paid if it actually rains. But at the same time, there’s still no way to prove that it’s his work that’s bringing the rain. 

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