Bridezilla Requests The Extreme For Wedding Day

A day every man and woman dream of ever since they came out of their parents womb… their wedding day. For the bride and groom, this day is filled with love, friendship and celebration once all the difficulties of planning come to an end.

As we all know or have dealt with, brides could be a little bit on the crazy side. When a bride decides to be out of line or just a tad overwhelmed they turn into something we call bridezillas.

Lets just say, bridezillas are the worst kind of brides any groom or friend could deal with, especially when they take their craziness to a whole new extreme. These request can sometimes be so ridiculous one would never expect it to come out of someone’s mouth. For this bride in particular, she requested that all wedding guest do exactly this: “Hey, so with my wedding, I wanted to ask if you could please make sure your tattoos are covered & could you maybe fix your hair up so it’s a natural colour? We’ve put a lot of work into our theme and I’m sorry but your look clashes with it.” This was the exact text bridezilla sent out to her guests according to online magazine, Mirror.

Imagine receiving a text with those exact words. What would you do? Would you decide to go with the flow and listen to your requests or just not care enough to even go to the wedding? Honestly, depending on the person who receives the message it could be a tough call especially if your a family member or a part of the actual wedding.

All we know is that text was one that took being a bridezilla to the ultimate extreme. Seeing that message, ensures that we don’t ever become that way on our special day because who would possibly want to deal with someone that extra. Poor groom…

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