Bolivia’s Haunted Train Graveyard
For most people, a trip to Bolivia means visiting Uyuni to see the impressive salt flats as well as the breathtaking landscapes. However, there is another attraction that is much less known.
It’s located on the outskirts of the town, and is the hauntingly beautiful Train Cemetery.  It’s an open air museum made from rusted relics from the time when the railway was a happening business in the area.
British laborers and engineers during the 19th century came to the town to build a connecting path between La Paz, the local mines, and the seaports of Chile.
They founded a small community and build a railway network, turning the dead town of Uyuni into a significant transportation hub.
In the 1940’s however, mining began to decline and resources started to run out. There was very little economic incentive to keep up with operations, and the Bolivian Railroad Company left and left everything to rust in the desert with a very high altitude.
Today, there are many trains scattered across the area. Metal has been taken to be used and the broken trains are covered in graffiti. If it had been in another climate, these ancient machines would still be in tact, more or less, but due to the harsh winds that carry salt from the salar nearby increases the corrosion greatly, making many of the trains look like they are centuries old.
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