Blood Test Dinner Parties

We don’t generally associate dinner parties with blood tests.  Dinner parties usually include delicious food, but most often do not include a nutritional breakdown of every bite we’ve taken. We also like to talk about a wide variety of topics over dinner, but high cholesterol and vitamin deficiencies are usually not at the top of the list.

But if you and your friends are total health freaks that a health optimization party might be right up your alley.  If you drink kale juice, eat quinoa salads, and count your calories, that’s great, but maybe not quite enough.

Health optimization parties are the perfect way to get serious about your health. These social gathering allows family and friends to get together and obtain a detailed analysis of their health. At the same time they get to enjoy healthy foods and talk about the most important things in life, such as fitness routines and vitamins.

Apparently one of these parties costs $337 per person and can host up to eight people.  Unlike other dinner parties where friends drink before they sit down to eat, they are actually prohibited from drinking to ensure that their blood test results will be accurate.

You got that right, one of the advantages of a health optimization party is that a professional will take your blood samples.  After each guest’s blood has been taken, it’s time to enjoy some food at least. Guests are treated to a three course meals that includes tons of protein and a healthy pudding.  The chef also gives a talk about health and a nutritional breakdown of the menu.

Sounds so much more fun than your average dinner party.