Black Snow

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, if you’re living in Russia, your dreams might be crushed, unfortunately.  The people of Propyesvk and Kiselevsk, two small Russian cities woke up shocked to find that their dreamy white snow actually turned black.

Many pictures have been going around on social media platforms from Russian citizens who are troubled by the polluted situation they are living in.  The area of these two cities is a coal mining one, which has caused the snow to turn to a very, very dark black that has the cities covered from top to bottom.

Although dirty snow is nothing new, especially in cities, completely black snow is truly disturbing and is a real health hazard to those living among it.  Despite efforts to share their frustration on the internet, and have something done about the coal plants in the area, authorities have responded that the issue is much more complex than it seems, and that small businesses and homes also play a large role in the problem.

While most comments and responses on social media have been centered around criticizing the government, many have actually seen this black snow to be beautiful in a very unique and strange way.

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