Black Diamond Apples

Apples in general are either red or green, and sometimes yellow, or a combination.  Sometimes though, believe it or not, they can also be dark purple, even black too.

These highly rare apples are known as Black Diamond apples, and can only be grown with the right geographical conditions. Currently, they are only to be found in the mountains of Tibet.

Chinese company Dandong Tianluo Sheng Nong E-Commerce Trade Co Ltd. has set up an orchard of these apples that is elevated an entire 3100 meters above sea level, making for the ideal conditions for these special apples to grow.

The apples are exposed to a great deal of sunlight as well as ultraviolet light, causing their skin to go from deep red, to deep purple. They are known as diamond apples due to their incredible gleaming texture, almost like candle wax.

At the moment, these apples are only available for purchase at select high-class supermarkets in China, and are usually sold in packages of 6-8 apples for a rather hefty price.

These apples are somewhat a mystery, even for the most professional experienced apple growers. Some people are even convinced that these apples are merely a myth.

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