Birthday Traditions From Around The World

We all have a certain way we celebrate our birthdays in our countries, more or less.  In the western world, it’s pretty standard, with parties, good food, cakes, candles, balloons, cards, and tons of presents. But do you ever wonder how birthdays are celebrate in different countries? The diversity and variety is virtually endless.

A Papua New Guinea Tribe

Usually, turning seven is considered an exciting time. However children part of the Sambia Triber of Papua, New Guinea, things are quite different. On their seventh birthday, boys are taken away from their families and are imprisoned in an all male hut for an entire ten years.  During this time they are forced to heavily nose bleed, vomit and to ingest semen. The idea behind this is to rid themselves of any impurities and become men. Anywhere else in the world this would be considered child abuse.


In Switzerland, when it’s your birthday, you get stalked by a clown all day.  For a fee, Dominic Deville with terrorize your child by calling, texting, and sending letters for the week before your child’s birthday.  On the day of the actual birthday, the clown will show up and smash a cake into the birthday kid’s face.  It’s all in good fun.

New Delhi 

Traditions vary in different parts of New Delhi, however in some areas it is customary for some to throw their children off of the roof of the Baba Umer Durga Shrine.  Thankfully, babies are not thrown to their death, they are thrown in a form of a bed sheet.


In Vietnam, everyone celebrates their birthday on the exact same day. The Tet, also known as the Vietnamese New Years is meant to celebrate the coming of spring, however it is also the day when every single person, man, woman, and child celebrates their birthday.

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