Binge Watching Television Increases Risk Of Heart Disease

There is seriously nothing better than vegging out on your couch and binge watching Netflix all day long. As much as we all would love if everyday was exactly that, studies have shown that our bad habits aren’t so great for us.

According to the American Heart Association, binge watching television for hours is worse than sitting at your office desk all day. It has been found that it can increase your risk of getting a heart disease or early on death.

The reasoning behind an increase of risk is simply the idea of sitting on your couch after eating a large meal or deciding to get a boat load of snacks to munch on while watching your favorite television series is just bad for you. Think about it, us humans love food and we love television. This combination is not just unhealthy but can cause health problems later on.

To decrease the risk, it is best that we get up and move our bodies. Whether that consists of a brief run or jog, it’s our choice.

Sitting on a couch for hours has your body at a stand still, which is why the American Heart Association found working at a desk is a healthier option even if we believe it not to be true.

Working at a desk all day is not the ideal situation for anyone but its totally possible. Throughout the day, we walk around the office and move from desk to desk. As much as we believe it is not a lot of physically activity it still has our bodies moving.

Unfortunately, the American Heart Association knows all the facts. As much as we don’t want to be told that our daily binges on Netflix aren’t beneficial to us, it is a reality.

As we learn this information, we can’t help but think about all the times we did exactly what we shouldn’t be doing. Making us rethink our next binge Netflix day.

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