Billboard To Find Love

Dating is no easy feat for anyone, and some of us feel the need to resort to a whole bunch of unique methods in order to find our one and only.

A 30-year-old man from the United Kingdom has surely turned to a rather unheard of tactic to find love – renting a billboard to advertise himself!

Mark Rofe, who has been single slightly over a year, spent 425 pounds to have his picture and details posted on a billboard on the side of a busy road in Manchester, after finding that dating apps aren’t cutting it for him. 

It all started out as a joke with a friend, but he then came to the realization that maybe it’s worth it after all. After just a few days of the billboard running, where he has self-described himself as ‘extremely handsome and modest’,  100 people contacted him through a website that he set up, but unfortunately for him, half of them were actually men. 

We wish him the best of luck and hope that his efforts pay off eventually. Don’t give up just yet! 

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