Bible & Koran DNA

A young bio-hacker from the city of Grenoble has undergone a highly bizarre and unique experiment.  Adrien Locatelli has injected himself with a DNA pattern that he created from passages taken from the Koran and the Bible.

This boy, still a high school student started out by choosing passages from both the Muslim and Christian holy books that he wanted inserted into his body. He then assigned one of the four letters corresponding to the chemical that DNA is comprised of to each character in the passages.

He used a free tool online that helped him to translate nucleotide information into protein sequences, and then injected it into his upper legs, for the simple reason of curiosity.

This is the first time that someone has injected themselves with macro molecules developed from text, and although it might not exactly serve a purpose, it is still highly groundbreaking.

Locatelli reports that other than some slight swelling after the first few days, he has experienced no other strange side effects.

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