Berlin Housing

If you’ve never lived in Berlin before, well then you most likely don’t know how difficult it is to find affordable living spaces. Perhaps this story, however, will give you a better idea of how real the struggle is in the popular capital of Germany. 

Believe it or not, a shocking 1,749 people showed up to see an apartment this past November. Why did so many people come to this one specific apartment you may ask? Well because it was decently priced. And take note that this apartment was only on the market for a day before this mass of people showed up to check it out. 

It’s also important to note that this apartment wasn’t any kind of great steal – located on the third floor of an old building. It also measured a mere 54 meters and had only two rooms.

The cost of rent though, $610 per month (not including extra electrical costs) is considered a serious bargain in Berlin, especially in that specific area. It was expected to go quickly, but not that close to two thousand people would show up. 

The day of the showing looked like some kind of protest or local gathering, with a real estate giving everyone strict instructions from a megaphone. Small groups were allowed in short periods of time to avoid too much mayhem. 

While many people described the situation as an absolute disaster, others simply took it as a reflection of the current situation in Berlin.

The property manager is set to sort through all the applications and decide who will be the lucky taker of the apartment. 

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