Benefits Of The Capsule Wardrobe

The world of fashion is dynamic and fast-moving. It seems that every month now, there is a new take on a previous trend that runs through the industry until it is replaced by another trend. Due to this, keeping up with these trends means having to spend hundreds of dollars on new articles of clothing and multiple hours in malls browsing one shop after another. To counter this problem, influencers have begun to popularize the idea of a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’, which comes within the larger movement against fast fashion and towards sustainable habits.

Capsule wardrobes require people to pick around 30 items from their closet, including shirts, jeans, shoes, and accessories, and build outfits only from those chosen items. This allows them to learn to utilize all their clothes to their maximum. Understanding how to pair different items together allows people to not jump onto every new fashion trend by buying new pairs of clothes. It helps them be satisfied with their current collection and only buy another item if it is absolutely necessary to add it to their closet.

Getty images/Moment/ liu fuyu

Another benefit of capsule wardrobes is that it nurtures healthier spending habits. Influencers and celebrities play a crucial part in this by promoting things such as ‘sustainable fashion’ and the ‘project 333’. Although they have the financial ability to afford buying clothes to meet the standards of every new fashion trend, engaging in these challenges is beneficial to their audience. For the ordinary person, seeing influencers and celebrities, like Tiffany Haddish and Cate Blanchett, repeat outfits and incorporate thrifting habits into their life can feel very unconventional. This helps break their mindless scrolling through fashion TikTok and allows them to reflect on the consequences of their impulsive spending habits. Overall, this move in the fashion industry can be beneficial to people from various facets of life.

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