Being ‘Uber’ Aware

One of the most popular ways of transportation especially when in need of a lift is Uber. This service is one that provides anyone with the ability to easily open an account, order a ride and get going to the destination of choice. It is easily one of the most simple and efficient applications ever designed.

The issue is that most people who use Uber are not cautious of what could possibly happen at that moment in time. Think about it, we are willingly getting into a strangers car, which is why being aware of what car we get in is so important when using the application.

There sadly have been a multitude of instances where people have gotten into the wrong car or Uber, causing them to have near-death experiences or worse. Being that this has been the case so many times, it is UBER important that we do a few things before getting into your ride.

First off, check the application to make sure you are getting into the right car. It provides you with the make, color, and license of the Uber, so ensure to check that right away. After doing so, it is advised that you ask the Uber driver who they are here for. Under any circumstances, do not tell the Uber driver your name, if anything they could just be saying yes.

Completing these few steps will guarantee our safety of getting into the right car way in advance of anything possibly happening. Now, remember we are getting into the car of a stranger so if they are driving out of sorts, don’t be shy. Speak up, it is your life in danger just as much as theirs.

Overall, Uber has been a very successful company that has given customers great service and satisfaction. Just like anything though, it is important to be aware of the risks that come with it.

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