Behind the Biggest Names in Rock History

It’s only natural that some of the best rock ‘n roll bands have some of the best band names ever mustered up. Like, who could ever top such classics as The Who, The Beatles, Captain Beefheart, and so on. Yet, what many people don’t know is that behind these names lies a strenuous process of trial and error name-giving. These are some of the biggest bands’ failed names.

The Beatles

Gettyimages / Keystone-France / Gamma-Keystone

The Beatles had burned through quite the list of names before they managed to find one that stuck. John Lennon had started the band in 1956 with his classmates, naming them the Quarrymen after their school, Quarry Bank High School. In 1957, McCartney and Harrison joined, while others had left. The trio tried out such names as Johnny and the Moondogs and the Silver Beetles before finally settling on just the Beatles.

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