Begging For Fun

A seventy nine year old women who spent most of her life begging for money at a train station in Hangzhou, China has recently been outed.  Believe it or not, this beggar was actually a relatively wealthy woman.

She lives in a five storey villa, and also owns a few rental properties in China, as well as a few retail stores.  Her story made it to headlines recently, after staff at the train station broadcasted a rather shocking and unusual message on the loudspeaker, warning people not to fall for this grandmother’s story, that she is not who she claims to be.

Her son has also admitted that the their family is much wealthier than the average family in China. He had also added that despite having asked her to stop begging on several occasions, she has refused to listen to his requests, worried about the reputation of the family.

The grandmother started out by selling maps at the train station, but the management disapproved of her unlicensed side business, so she decided to start begging for change instead.  She comes to the same spot every single morning at 10am, and stays there until 8pm. Some sources have revealed that she makes nearly 300 yuan daily.

Her son has shared photos of her on social media, as an attempt to discourage her from continuing to go out and beg. However, his efforts failed, and now the staff of the train have had to take things into their own hands, by making announcements on the system’s loudspeaker.

The woman’s story has created a great deal of debate online. Some people are highly against what she has been doing, and angry that she has been scamming them out of money that she does not actually need.

While others felt for her, and believe that her strange actions are probably motivated by boredom and loneliness. Some have even blamed her son for not being with her enough.