Bee Hotels By McDonald’s

Recently there has been an increase of attention brought to the decline of bees. The bee crisis as we know it can have a large effect on our ecosystem due to bees being one of the main sources of pollination. Companies seeing the rise in concern have decided to take corporate action.

Before bee’s come extinct, McDonald’s Sweden decided to create tiny restaurants for bees on the back of their billboards. “The creative agency behind McDonald’s Sweden’s bee-focused architecture explained to DesignTAXI that 30% of wild bees in the country are threatened, mainly because they do not have enough resting areas,” according to This being the case, the outdoor advertising team decided to turn the back of the McDonald’s billboards into resting areas or what they say tiny hotels.

Currently, there are 6 bee hotels set up on the back of one McDonald’s billboards in Sweden. These bee hotels are fully functional and have caused a large buzz in the area, literally.

McDonald’s being a large corporation has gained a lot of respect from customers and locals since its environmental initiative has been put into place. If the first bee hotel accomplishes the goals of the initiative, the company will expand the idea in the Spring of 2020.

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