Bat Droppings

Families around the area of Cairns, Australia have had no choice but to leave their homes temporarily after flying foxes have started to drop dead on their properties due to the incredibly high and completely unbearable heat.

Residents have been reporting to have massive amounts of flying foxes dropping out of trees after temperatures rose to more than 40 degrees Celsius.

According to experts, the mammals are not capable of sustaining such temperatures. They have no way to cool off, and in turn their organs shut down with the heat, and eventually they die.

Wildlife rescuers have been doing everything they can to help cool off the creatures, using drippers and spray bottles, but at the end of the day, there is only so much they can do.

The flying fox colonies in the area have already gone through heavy losses, and the number of deaths is expected to only continue as the heatwave is seeing no end.  Other than the environment issues, the number of dead bats rotting away too close to citizen’s homes has also became a serious issue.

People have reported to have thousands of dead bats surrounding their homes, and the efforts to clean them up has simply not been able to keep up to speed. Residents have been completely intoxicated with the unbearable smell. Furthermore, they are now exposed to a variety of diseases.

It seems as the only way to deal with this is with a hands on approach, however people are afraid of being bitten or starched by the dying animals.

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