Baptized In Virtual Reality

In general, what baptism or christening involves is a person being submerged into water before becoming apart of the Christian religion. It’s an emotional part of the transition process. But YouTuber Drumsy did it slightly differently, somehow.

Pink haired Drumsy actually managed to be baptized in the comfort of her own home with the help of virtual reality, in an anime style avatar. She recently posted a video of herself getting baptized together with Pastor D.J Soto together in the Virtual Reality Church.

This is a true wake up call that technology is taking over, even some of history’s most traditional and oldest institutions. There really is nothing that modern technology can’t handle.

Her baptism really wasn’t too different from one that would take place in the real world, and it also wasn’t the pastor’s first time performing this kind of baptism.

Although this wasn’t exactly the case for Drumsy, the Pastor D.J Soto has expressed that for those with conditions that prevent them from leaving the house, such an opportunity is completely life-changing.

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