Bad Diet Leads To Blindness

United Kingdom Doctors have recently shared the highly shocking case of a nineteen year Bristol boy who actually lost his vision due to a bad diet.

The teenager who has requested not to be identified by his name, unfortunately has been left blind after eating a diet consisting only of white bread, processed meat, french fries and potato chips. 

According to his family, he is a very picky eater and was never able to handle the texture of vegetables and fruit. At the age of fourteen, he went to see doctors after feeling weak and sick, where they diagnosed him with a highly severe vitamin deficiency. 

Despite the doctor advising him to make some serious changes, as well as add supplements to his diet, the boy neglected the health recommendations. 

A mere three years later, he was found to have progressive sight loss due to his poor diet. If diagnosed early enough, it could be have been treated, but since it went on for such a long time, his optic nerve was damaged far too much to be reversed. 

The boy now has no choice but to drop out of college, and is of course not finding it easy to find a job and get by with day to day tasks. His sight deteriorated so much that is in fact considered to be legally blind today. 

His mother also had to leave her job in order to care for him full time, and together with her the rest of the family has been left in a complete state of shock and heartbreak.  

Kids, always remember to eat your fruits and veggies! It’s more important than you know.

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