BabyMop Onesie

When it comes to purchasing the newest item on the market, one would usually use Amazon as their number one source. As one of the largest online distributors of products, Amazon has a vast range of items for purchase. Some of these items are considered outrageous, unpopular or a bit extreme.

An item that can be purchased on Amazon is the BabyMop onesie. Now, what exactly is this item? Well, it is exactly what it seems to be…a mop made into a onesie for babies. According to Bored Panda, the company advertises its product by informing consumers that “it’s a perfect way to utilize your child’s mobility to help out with daily chores.”

Basically, this product is using children to complete chores. As known, toddlers use crawling as their form of walking. While crawling and rolling around, these toddlers will be cleaning the floors.

Only problem with this item is the immense amount of dirt that will link onto their onesie. This, in turn, can possibly cause the toddler to get sick more often due to the germs. Parents seeing this as a prominent issue have ensured to write a great number of reviews on the product both hilarious and quite serious, in fact.

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