Babies Need To Consent To Changing Their Nappy

Apparently we now have to ask babies for consent before changing their nappies, although they cannot speak.  ABC was seriously scrutiny after featuring a sexuality expert on the channel, who urged parents to refrain from changing their babies nappy without asking permission prior.

The expert was Deanne Carson from Daily Mail Australia. Carson believes that it’s important set up a culture of consent in the home. He realizes that the baby will not respond yes, of course, I would love to, but thinks it is necessary to allow them time to react with their body language and eye contact.  Carson thinks it is a way of showing them that you value their response.

According to Carson, he is empowering children with their rights, and is also educating families at the same time.   Body Safety Australia, where he works aims to teach children about respectful relationships, body safety and consent.

Social media absolutely hated it, and completely bashed his idea. What do you think?

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