Bizarre Family Vacations

Each and every year, families decide to take time off for themselves. Whether it is going to the nearest bowling alley or flying across the country, parents find it essential to always grow the family a bit closer. As hard as they try, these family vacations don’t always end up as planned. Check out these families who took their vacations to the extreme causing an ultimate disaster.


Parents Gone Wild



It seems as though these parents had a little bit too much fun on their family vacation. Their children probably don’t want to be seen with them ever again, let alone take another family vacation together. Oh well, at least they’ve enjoyed themselves.



Tree Bomb



Just when you are trying to get that picture-perfect photo someone has to always photobomb. This time around the tree made way into the photo. Easily being one of the worst photo bombs of all time.


Poor Positioning



This father’s positioning really couldn’t be any worse right now – or better? However, you want to see this situation. Well, at least this family vacation will always be one to remember, even if the animals weren’t that interesting or unique.



The Other Woman



When a family goes on vacation, generally they tend to stick together. But sometimes, with such beautiful temptations everywhere to be seen, one member might go off with someone, or something else, unable to resist. It seems as though this was the case for this family, unfortunately.


Babe Watch



This is a classic position that young females looking for Instagram attention like to do while taking a beach picture. When it comes to a family though? This is less common, especially not for the mom to do – but to each their own. We can all be young at heart, right?



The Fit Fam



How adorable! A family that workouts together, even when on holiday. Well, you know what the say – those that sweat together, stay together! Total definition of #familygoals, although this picture is kind of awkward and uncomfortable in all honesty.


An Educational Trip



Every vacation has a different purpose. Some are just to relax and let go, others are to be together, some are to explore, and some trips are to learn about the world around us. This young girl surely will be returning back home with a lot more knowledge about how the world works!



Mad Momma



Looks like this mother is pissed. Maybe because she paid for the entire trip including this side and no one wanted to sit with her? Seems as though this was the case unfortunately. Poor mom! Give her some more respect!


Rock n Fall



While we all love to rock ‘n roll, while rafting it’s not exactly the best time for it, and isn’t exactly what we would consider to be safe. In this case, this family is really just rocking and falling, and it might be the last time they all head out on a trip together.



Oh My Balls!



We could only wonder if this father knew what pain he endured on his son. As much as this family thought they were getting a prime picture with a beautiful background, that for sure did not happen. For this little boy, he couldn’t help but show his pain.


It’s In The Genes



Clearly, this family is all about the genes. Yes, pun totally and completely, 100 percent intended. Even when on holiday, they like to show the world how connected they truly are by dressing up in their jeans and taking an adorable, yet cringe-worthy awkward family photo.



Peek A Boo


Peek A Boo! Mickey Mouse doesn’t see you! Being that this family is disguised in hilarious horse masks, Mickey Mouse has absolutely no idea who they are or what they look like.