Aware Of His Daughter’s Diagnosis

When his daughter was in school, it was brought to the father’s attention that she needed therapy due to her aggressive and defiant behavior at school amongst friends.

It’s known that parents love is considered to be unconditional love but one father in particular, feels conflicted about her long term relationship with a guy who is a very funny guy, kind, intelligent, good-hearted and polite. There is an issue in their relationship and the issue lies with the daughter who was diagnosed as a sociopath.

The daughter has had a serious boyfriend for a long time and after consideration, she has kept this information away from her partner. The father has started to feel guilty about it because the boyfriend has suggested that he’d like to propose in the near future still unaware of his girlfriend’s condition. The father fears that his daughter doesn’t love or feel any sort of emotion toward her boyfriend and he’s about to propose.

The father said, “We’ve had some very honest, in-depth discussions about her mental health since her diagnosis and she’s been open with me that she doesn’t feel love or empathy towards anyone, even family. When she acted very sad and broken up over the death of one of her closest friends at the funeral, she confessed to me privately that it was all a put-on, and that she felt ‘pretty neutral’ about the whole thing”.

He has also stated, “She has never once felt guilty about anything she’s ever done and doesn’t know what guilt feels like.”

During the course of the relationship, his daughter made it crystal clear that she has no intention of informing her boyfriend of her condition. Now her father feels he can no longer sit back and watch.

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