Avocado Toast

If one would guess what the most popular food item at any coffee shop would be, it would most likely be avocado toast. This new staple item has hit the menus of almost every coffee shop in town.

Now, whether the question of if these consumers are enjoying the combination of avocado and toast or the Instagram worthy picture, is an answer that is completely up in the air. As one hits their phone screen and scrolls through their Instagram feed, it is bound to come across a picture of a beautiful looking avocado toast.

While restaurants and cafes have started to get the hang of this ever so popular menu item, they have gone above and beyond to make their avocado toast the most well known of them all. These restaurants have done the extreme, garnishing the toast with anything from edible flowers to just a simple sprinkle of pepper and salt.

As one finds the location of where to get the toast they have ever so desired to eat it, let us just say, it is game time. From the second they arrive at the restaurant or cafe, we already know where their attention will veer directly too, the avocado toast.

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