Automating Law Firms

Unfortunately, automation is not limited to a certain population or type of workers. In fact, it’s coming after even the most skilled and highly-trained workers.

This time around, believe it or not, automation is targeting legal professionals. Ironclad, a new startup has raised millions of dollars in order to automate legal professionals. According to Ironclad, lawyers spend too much time on tedious contracts and deal, and it’s time that technology takes over.

The founders of Ironclad would ideally like to provide lawyers and other legal professionals with the tools to automate their own jobs, rather than to actually replace them completely.

It would be similar to having work associates, and would make the firm more efficient, according to Ironclad. Then again however, what kind of company would actually advertise itself as one that would put people out of jobs?

Such startups have been creating software proving to be able to take on highly specialized and complex tasks, making more and more people replaceable.

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