Comparisons That Make Us See Things In A New Way
By Laura Lee - October 19, 2020

As we get older, it’s easy to believe we’ve done or seen everything there is to. We lose our curiosity and wonder for the world around us as everything seems to be another iteration of the same thing we’ve seen before. It’s easy to think that we’ve got life all figured out. But then other times, something happens, and we see things in a whole new way. These new experiences can offer us a new way to see the world and all the wonderful things in it. That is pretty much what happened to these people, who saw some weird comparisons and just had to share them with the rest of us. Here are some crazy contrasting photos that tell two totally different stories.

“These people had two very different nights.”

Luckily, someone saw this hilarious sight while waiting in line at the supermarket and just had to share it. A perfect representation of two very different kinds of people in the world, there’s those healthy types with loving relationships and someone to care, and then there is those people who like us find themselves doing what we do every Saturday night let alone Valentine’s Day and buy a carton of fried chicken, a bottle of Jack Daniels and get ready for a long night of falling down that same shame spiral we like to call ‘old faithful’.